Court Bookings
You do not have to book a court before going to play but if you want to be sure of having a court, then you may want to do so and will take precedence over those who have not booked.  

Court 3 may be booked by non-members.

Courts 1, 2 and 3 can be booked by members. Members can book courts online -using clubspark. All club sessions, coaching sessions and match times are pre-booked.  Any re-arranged match times need to be given to the Committee.

If a member brings a visitor to play on our courts, then the member needs to let the club know the date of the visit and the name of the visitor(s) by emailing  The fee is £2 for an adult visitor and £1 for a junior visitor.  The club uses the LTA insurance which states that visitors will only be insured for 6 visits.  This means that we cannot allow a person to play more than six times per year without joining the club, as we would not be insured if that person injured anyone.

Non-members playing on the open court 3 are insured by the council and the 6 visit rule does not apply. The charge is then £5 per hour for the court. Please put £5 in an envelope marked "tennis club" and place in the postbox outside the Hall marked Trustees.